The purpose of the corporation is to promote effective community responses to the housing and emergency shelter needs of low and middle income groups in the City of Bristol. This is accomplished through social planning, advocacy, negotiations, and action involving those bodies capable of addressing housing and emergency shelter needs and those groups or individuals in need of housing and emergency shelter. The purpose is also to provide housing for the homeless and to operate such housing as well as provide auxiliary services to aid the homeless to acquire housing and help them to improve their lives.


Thank you for visiting the St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Bristol, Inc. Website.

With the combined effort of all of us, we can end homelessness. Your support is greatly appreciated. We invite you to join the work of ending homelessness in our community by making a monetary donation, a non-cash donation or volunteering your services in the Bristol Continuum of Care (Agencies working together to end homelessness). The contributing factors of homelessness are both personal and societal in nature. Mental illness, substance abuse, lack of education, lack of health care, family break up, spousal abuse, criminal behavior, lack of affordable housing, unemployment, lack of job skills, and poverty in general have both, an individual and societal cause. For example, individuals experience unemployment, and the state of the economy and the type of available jobs determine employability for workers. Many unemployed individuals fill our homeless shelters today. With the combined effort of all of us however, we can end homelessness. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

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